Think twice when you choose hosting for your e-com business in Sri Lanka

Maybe you are still search for “web hosting sri lanka” to find a good hosting company in Sri Lanka. Regarding to Google website speed is a huge factor when it comes to ranking on Google. Basically if your website is slow Google will push them down on Google search engine. We will tell you why. Lets say visitor comes to your website through Google organic search result and visitor press “BACK” button because website takes long time to load. Google can trigger that and Google knows that people don’t like your website. They always want to give user the best user experience. I don’t think it’s hard to understand for you.

Therefore if you want to rank your eCommerce website on Google and want to get more business you should have a good web hosting with a good speed for your eCommerce website in Sri Lanka.

Regarding to Internet data everyday people launch new eCommerce websites in Sri Lanka. Therefore competition goes up fast. We checked few websites and we found out they all are using Sri Lanka web hosting that are slow compare to other famous eCommerce websites.

That’s why web hosting is important If you plan to do an eCommerce website in Sri Lanka. Design your website with a professional web developer or with a professional web designing company in Sri Lanka. Then you will have a clean code that has no problem with ranking. Then ask them not to host your eCommerce website with a local web hosting company. Ask them to host with a professional web hosting company. You can visit to find more details.

Watch this video for more explanation about hosting if you are confused.

Most probably they will ask why? You can show this article or you can tell them why it is crucial to find hosting for your eCommerce business in Sri Lanka.